Zhongyi Optics has released details of its new Mitakon 200mm f/4 manual focus macro lens, which will be available in F, EF, FE, RF, Z, GFX, L and XCD lens mounts.

Angled view of the new Mitakon 200mm f/4 manual focus macro lens. (Source: Zhongyi Optics.)

Designed to offer a generous working distance of 256 mm with a reproduction ratio of up to 1:1, the new lens consists of 11 elements in seven groups. Among them are three Extraordinary Dispersion (ED) lenses, three ultra-high index elements and a single extra-high transmission lens which combine with advanced apochromatic (APO) technology to suppress chromatic aberration, delivering true-to-life colors and impeccable image quality. The refined nine-bladed iris diaphragm ensures smooth bokeh. The lens is supplied with a cylindrical lens hood and an Arca Swiss-compatible tripod foot which seamlessly integrates with popular quick-release plates, ensuring a firm and reliable connection between the lens and the camera setup. It weighs 1.3 kg, is 186 mm long and accepts 67 mm diameter filters.

The Mitakon 200mm f/4 macro lens is available to purchase through Zhong Yi Optics’ official web store as well as authorised resellers for an RRP of US$499. Click here to visit the product page.