Photo Review Mar-May 2020 Issue 83 – Paul Harmon’s eerily beautiful landscapes images; Cam Neville’s extraordinary photos of volunteer firefighters; The Grampians; When to upgrade your camera; Teleconverters, and more…

Photo Review Mar-May 2020 Issue 83
Once were waters: Paul Harmon’s eerily beautiful landscapes images.
In the heat of the action: Cam Neville’s extraordinary photos of volunteer firefighters.
Location: The Grampians.
When to upgrade your camera.
Pros and cons of teleconverters.
Adding depth to landscape photographs
Plus: Image Review; Net Effect, and more.
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This handy guide teaches you how to let your photos tell the story; the best vantage points, creative angles and camera settings to capture superb, eye-catching images of your travel destinations.

Travel Photography covers everything from choosing the right camera gear through to tips on photographing scenery, cities, people pictures, close-ups, wildlife, and how to manage images as you travel.

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Photo Printing pocket guide – easy to follow, expert advice on how to print long-lasting, impactful images:
– how to choose the right printer and paper;
– printer and driver set up tips;
– how to balance colours and tones;
– colour management and soft proofing tips;
– how to control the differences between how an image appears on a screen and when it’s output to paper.
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This book covers all aspects of landscape photography, including expert advice on:

  • How to select the right gear for landscape photography;
  • Shooting and composition technique;
  • Preparation – how to create your own luck;
  • How to set your camera for success;
  • How to find your own landscape style;
  • Sharing and showcasing your photos.

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Learn how to become a skilled street photographer with this handy guide by Photo Review technical editor Margaret Brown.

Street Photography  pocket guide – expert, easy to follow advice on how to master the art of street photography:

– Best types of cameras and lenses for street photography
– What you can and can’t photograph
– Positioning, timing, zone focusing
– Framing your shot, single-frame/burst capture/4K
– How to develop your own street photography style

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