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R is for Resolution

If it’s resolution you’re after, you can’t go past Sony’s Alpha 7R IV, which offers the highest resolution you can get from Sony’s line-up of interchangeable lens cameras. [Article courtesy of Sony]

360 in 360

‘The 360in360 project was an idea I developed more than four years ago with an aim to showcase Australia in a way that has rarely been seen before.’ – Scott Portelli. [Article courtesy of Olympus]

An instant connection

The key to an amazing landscape photo is to make your viewer feel an instant connection to your image, whether that’s a feeling of wonder, shock, or something else altogether. [Article courtesy of Sony]

Delving Deeper

An Olympus Visionary for the better part of half a decade, Michaela Skovranova has devoted herself to the art of documentary storytelling through her photographs and filmmaking. What began with a primary focus on underwater projects and personal work has widened to now include broader environmental stories.  [Article courtesy of Olympus]

Twenty-four in 24

When Olympus Visionary Chris Eyre-Walker heard that he could have access to a pre-release version of the company’s latest model, the OM-D E-M5 Mark III, he came up with a novel plan. He challenged himself to create a photographic portrait of his country, Belgium – which he would complete in the space of a single day. The goal: 24 photos in 24 hours.  [Article courtesy of Olympus]