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The Wakatobi experience

It’s hard to know where to start in explaining why Wakatobi Resort in Indonesia is an extraordinary destination for diving and snorkelling photography. And the secluded luxury tropical resort is also becoming increasingly recognised for its bird photography opportunities, including recently discovered and very rare species. [Article courtesy of Wakatobi Resort]

Meeting the challenge

As a quick scroll through OM SYSTEM Ambassador Matt Horspool’s Instagram timeline makes obvious, there’s almost no genre of photography he hasn’t explored, experimented with and ultimately excelled at. If you had to pin him down, he’d probably describe himself as an adventure-travel photographer who not only loves dramatic landscapes, but also capturing the underwater world. [Article courtesy of OM SYSTEM]

Night Light

South Australian based Denis Smith fell in love with light painting photography in 2009, only a few years after buying his first camera. More than a decade later his passion for the artform is undiminished. [Article courtesy of OM SYSTEM]