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Fragility and strength

To look at her recent work, you might never suspect just what a challenging time it’s been for photographer and OM SYSTEM Ambassador Michaela Skovranova. [Article courtesy of OM SYSTEM]

Authentic vision

Ten years ago Lauren Bath first discovered Instagram, and within three years her captivating travel photography saw her established as a professional Instagrammer. But she didn’t just settle into her comfortable niche of travelling and taking pretty pictures. Lauren was determined to build on the success and to diversify her activities. And then she became a mother. [Article courtesy of Olympus]

R is for Resolution

If it’s resolution you’re after, you can’t go past Sony’s Alpha 7R IV, which offers the highest resolution you can get from Sony’s line-up of interchangeable lens cameras. [Article courtesy of Sony]

360 in 360

‘The 360in360 project was an idea I developed more than four years ago with an aim to showcase Australia in a way that has rarely been seen before.’ – Scott Portelli. [Article courtesy of Olympus]