Designed for businesses that want to produce immersive, interactive 3D models of buildings and spaces, the new Matterport Pro3 Camera is a breakthrough in 3D capture technology.

The new Matterport Pro3 Camera in use. (Source: Matterport.)

Digital twins – visually immersive, interactive 3D models of buildings and spaces – have become an indispensable tool for virtually marketing physical spaces. The hardware and software advancements introduced today in the Matterport Pro3 Camera go further towards creating enriched, interactive experiences. The camera itself combines sensors, lenses and motors to create stunning images of both indoor and outdoor spaces. A custom 20 megapixel sensor and 12-element lens covering an ultra-wide angle combines with a high-precision LiDAR sensor to enable the capture of millions of measurements in various conditions, from dim light to direct sunlight, up to a range of 100 meters at less than 20 seconds per sweep.

Thanks to cloud platform advancements, the resulting files can be uploaded to mobile and web platforms for viewing. Key features of the new camera are:

  • Custom built 20 megapixel sensor and 12-element lens for ultra-wide capture of large spaces
  • Captures 100k points per second at depths ranging from 0.5m to 100m
  • High-precision LiDAR sensor for unparalleled precision in various light conditions
  • Camera boot time of less than 40 seconds
  • Removable battery packs for continuous scanning, batteries fully recharge in 3.5 hours
  • Weighing under five pounds, Pro3 is 30% smaller and 35% lighter than the Pro2 camera
  • New tripod mount engineered for Pro3 and new cases for maximum portability and protection

The Matterport Pro3 Camera will be available to order online soon with estimated shipment in early October 2022. Click here for full details of Matterport 3D camera systems.