Epson has release the new Perfection V300 Photo, which offers energy savings for home and small office users.


October 14, 2008: Epson has release the new Perfection V300 Photo, which offers energy savings for home and small office users.
Designed to provide high quality scans quickly and easily, the Perfection V300 Photo uses an array of LEDs as its light source instead of the commonly used cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL). LEDs have lower operating power consumption, less heat output and are mercury-free, contributing to Epson’s goal of reducing the environmental impact of its products. The new model features a built in matrix CCD and micro lens technology to increase scanning efficiency.
By incorporating a micro lens on every photosite, more light is captured during the scanning process creating superior image reproduction. With an optical density of 3.2 Dmax, the V300 Photo captures a wide range of tonal colours ensuring the greatest level of detail in both highlight and shadow areas in each scan. It is capable of scanning up to 4800 dpi optical resolution with 48 bit colour depth in as little as 16 seconds. An integrated transparency unit and versatile film holder allow users to scan six frames of 35 mm filmstrip or four 35 mm mounted slides simultaneously.
Four dedicated push buttons are provided for one touch scanning. The buttons can be customised and assigned to four pre-defined and 10 custom jobs using Epson Event Manager software. As default these buttons are set to start, copy, scan to email and scan to PDF. The two-way lid can be set for portrait or landscape orientation, giving users the ability to place the scanner anywhere on the desk while still having full and easy access. The lid is also extendable and opens a full 180 degrees to accommodate large documents and items up to 25 mm thick.


The V300 Photo comes with the latest Epson Scan 3.5 software, which can be used to automatically restore colour to faded photos and remove dust when scanning, eliminating the need for detailed editing of images after scanning. Epson Scan can also be used either as a TWAIN driver within programs such as Adobe Photoshop, or as a standalone program to manage the scanner. It has four pre-set modes – Full Auto, Home, Office and Professional. Bundled software includes Arcsoft Media Impression and ABBYY Fine Reader Sprint, an easy to use tool that allows users to convert scanned documents into editable formats or create searchable PDFs.
The V300 Photo has USB2.0 connectivity and is compatible with Windows (2000 Professional, XP and Vista) and Mac (OSX 10.3.9 or later). It is available now through consumer electronics retailers, computer superstores, and office superstores for an RRP of $249. More information can be found at