By Ben Hamey. I met this monk on a train in Kanchanaburi, he was really proud to show me a picture of himself in the book he is holding up (he is bottom left). (First winner for Image Review 3 Competition.)

Lofoten fishing hut, Norway

By Jon Harris. The rugged Lofoten Islands on the north-west coast of Norway have long been home to a hardy fishing culture. Tales of these fishermen sleeping under their boats, year round, made my blood freeze even though I was there in summer! They eventually started building these ‘rorbu’ or fishing huts for a bit more comfort. Traditionally painted a deep red and often with a turf roof, this particular hut had seen better days. Yet the shine of the timber walls against the moody backdrop of the incoming weather gave this neglected little hut a certain charm.

Mont Saint Michel

By Nino Xerri. Shutter Priority chosen because the image was shot from a moving coach approaching Mont Saint-Michel. A slight HDR adjustment (Dynamic HDR) as a single raw file to bring out and enhance the colours in the sky.

Austinmer pool

By Karen Rich. This was one of a series of images taken at Austinmer pool on the NSW south coast. Shot soon after sunrise, it is the beautiful quality of the light that most appeals to me in this photo.

BMX Ditch Air

By Mike Moore. Ben “Beechy” Hoystead in a makeshift halfpipe near the outskirts of Adelaide, South Australia.
A magical spot built by the amazing Ryan Lloyd, ridden and loved by many.