Letter from Des Paroz


Letter from Des Paroz

As a “film based digital imager”, I am constantly amazed of the number of magazines started in the digital photography space who seem to have some good content, but ruin it with the attitude that film photography is dead, and that digital photography can completely replace it.

To me, photography is about making an image that represents the photographer’s vision of a subject, and their ability to arrange elements and light in a moving way. Digital and films are no more than tools to do just that. Each has its pluses and minuses, and each has applications to which it is better suited.

My tools currently are film-based cameras, with all the accessories and bits that I have built up for them. To me, it does not make sense to drop all of that for another tool with different accessories and limitations. I might add a digital camera in the near future, but that will have a different purpose in my kit bag – it won’t replace the film based cameras.

I do consider myself a digital imager, though, because I do scan my photos at high res, and do digitally enhance and output those. The techniques and tools of digital imaging are an important part of my kit bag.

Digital Photo Review is a breath of fresh air, because it is the one Australian digital photography magazine that not only doesn’t alienate film photography, but actually recognises that it has, and will continue to have, an important place.

Well done.

Best regards

Des Paroz
Sydney, Australia
April 2002

Thanks for the vote of confidence Mr Paroz. We are pleased that we’ve succeeded in communicating our editorial intentions to readers such as yourself. The Digital PhotoReview editorial team are all believers in the old adage about horses for courses. We too use both conventional and digital cameras in our own photographic endeavours – and we expect to do so for quite some time. As you so aptly put it, “…photography is about making an image that represents the photographer’s vision…”