US-based photo hosting and e-commerce site, Zenfolio, has added the ability for users to store raw or non-image files to its offerings.


Primarily targeted at storing source or raw files from which JPEGs have been generated, the storage caters to files such as: raw, PSD, DNG, NEG and other formats, so photographers can have all their files, images or not, in one place. The storage feature accepts files in any format with no restrictions, and it is also possible to have files not associated or attached to any photos. All Unlimited, Premium, and Premium Business Zenfolio account plans have the option to purchase this feature with no additional sign up needed.

Uploading files is simple and can be done using all integrated uploaders: HTML5 and ActiveX. Individuals can access raw files at the tab on top of the gallery toolbar and the View link in the toolbox next to the number of attached files. In addition to storing raw files, photographers also have the option to sell them. When creating digital products within the Zenfolio account photographers can include the option to download raw files along with the original images.

Details are of Zenfolio’s services are available at