Anthropics Technology has released the latest version of its facial retouching software with a number of new functions to improve editing capabilities and operating speeds.

The new version features an innovative face relighting  technology for bringing out the best in portraits plus a face slimming function that can have a dramatic effect on how happy people are with their photos. The latest skin enhancer retains natural skin texture when removing blemishes. The  brush also detects edges automatically making it very fast and easy to use.

PortraitPro is the only software that provides hair thickening, smoothing and recolouring functions via slider controls. Automatic facial feature finding makes it easy to identify facial features accurately so effects be instantly applied. Version 12 can uniquely detect the age and gender of faces in the photograph so that the most appropriate  enhancements can automatically  be applied to men, women and children.

The pro version, PortraitPro Studio Max, now includes an automatic batch mode, enabling an entire photo shoot to be enhanced without human intervention. It also offers a four time speed increase when compared with previous versions. Full details are available at