Adobe has issued updates for Lightroom Classic and Camera Raw to provide improvements to workflows, PSB file support and new raw default settings.

Lightroom Classic has been updated to allow more control over the default develop settings for raw files, enabling users to configure default develop settings within Preferences > Presets to use either Camera Settings, Adobe Color, or a preset of the user’s choice to obtain a particular ‘look’. The addition of PSB support enables users to import, catalog, and edit Large Document Format (.psb) files, such as stitched panoramas, within Lightroom Classic. The maximum dimensions supported have been extended to 65,000 pixels on the long edge or 512 megapixels.

Performance improvements in both Lightroom Classic and Camera Raw have come through full GPU acceleration for Lens Correction and Transform adjustments and faster processing through leveraging external GPUs on macOS 10.15 (Catalina). Working with multiple displays has been made easier through a function that will automatically select the best monitor when a second window is opened. A messaging function has been added to Auto-Sync to enable users to keep track of batch edits and users of Photoshop Elements 2020 can now import their catalog into Lightroom Classic. Improved support has been provides for mobile devices through updates to Lightroom for Android, iOS, iPadOS, and ChromeOS.

No additional cameras or lenses appear have been added to the list of products supported. That will probably change once the new products expected at the CP+ show in two weeks’ time have been released.

Most applications will be updated automatically or can be updated via the Help menu. Click here for full details of the new updates.