The Illuminate Film Challenge, which was postponed last year due to COVID is back supported by three Facebook Live events on 1, 7 and 15 June presented by Kayell.

These events aim to celebrate the best BTS film shot on any DLSR, Mirrorless or better camera across Australia. The BTS Challenge aims to encourage filmmakers at all levels, from passionate amateurs to industry veterans, showcasing the exceptional talent and abilities of cinematographers and filmmakers to capture their stories. The Facebook events will cover three different shoots: the 1 June event focuses on lighting a dancer in using Daylight and RGB LED Lighting setups; the 7 June event covers two-person interview shoots with three cameras, multiple lighting effects and audio and the 15 June event is a ‘Beauty’ shoot using the same lighting setups for Video and Stills. Each event will commence at 7:00 pm. During the events there will be a prize drawer with close to $30,000 in prizes on offer, thanks to the event’s sponsors. To be eligible to win, you need to sign up and follow the instructions on the competition website and then, to claim your prize, you need to sign up and be on the Facebook Live events! (To increase your chances, register and be online for all three Facebook Live events!)