Canon has issued new firmware for its EOS 80D and EOS 200D DSLR cameras.

Canon’s EOS 80D DSLR camera gains a security fix through the latest firmware update. (Source: Canon.)

Firmware Version 1.0.3 for the EOS 80D corrects buffer overflow vulnerabilities in the Picture Transfer Protocol that may result in the affected digital camera being unresponsive or arbitrary code being executed by a remote attacker.  It also addresses a vulnerability related to firmware update due to a missing authorisation.

The PTP  vulnerability may also affect a number of other Canon cameras, including multiple EOS DSLR and mirrorless cameras as well as the PowerShot SX70HS, PowerShot SX740HS and PowerShot G5XMarkII. Until new firmware is released for these cameras, owners are advised to only connect the camera to a trusted network. Turn on the camera’s network function only when it is necessary and do not connect the camera to untrusted networks or devices. Check for new firmware as it is released by visiting the local firmware update page (see below)

Firmware Version 1.0.1 for the EOS 200D corrects an erroneous display that may appear when some third-party accessories are attached to the hot shoe.

Click here to visit Canon’s firmware updates page for links to the new firmware for each camera.