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      [ia] Selling for $200 more than the Z700, Kodak’s EasyShare Z740 sports a 10x optical zoom lens (unfortunately without stabilisation), a 5-megapixel sensor and a slightly larger (1.8-inch) LCD monitor. The optical viewfinder is replaced by an electronic one with a reasonably high eyepoint – but no diopter adjustment. . . [more]

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      Build: 7.5
      Ease of use: 9.0
      Image quality: 7.5
      Value for money: 8.5

      [ia] Selling for $200 more than the Z700, Kodak’s EasyShare Z740 sports a 10x optical zoom lens (unfortunately without stabilisation), a 5-megapixel sensor and a slightly larger (1.8-inch) LCD monitor. The optical viewfinder is replaced by an electronic one with a reasonably high eyepoint – but no diopter adjustment.

      Essentially an upgrade to the popular DX7590 but offering a higher digital zoom range, the Z740 is built on the same boxy lines as its Z700 ‘sister’, and has a pop-up flash. A dedicated slider switch engages the on, off and Favourites settings. The mode dial has been shifted to the back panel, where a rotating dial selects the various shooting modes, while pushing in a joystick engages them. Dedicated buttons are provided for accessing the menu, review and delete functions plus the Share button.

      The Z740 is supplied with a screw-in lens hood and a clip-on lens cap which, conveniently, fits onto both the lens and its hood. Battery and card compartments are similar to those on the Z700, although the Z740 comes with 32MB of internal memory, enough for 17 high-resolution images. NoSD card is supplied.

      The test camera’s picture quality was similar to that of the Z700. Overall image sharpness was very good but colour saturation was noticeably high, a feature some users will appreciate. Imatest detected chromatic aberration but at a level that was low enough to be barely visible in standard-sized prints. Our timing tests found the Z740 to be significantly more responsive than the Z700. We measured an average capture lag of 0.8 seconds, which reduced to a consistent 0.2 seconds with pre-focusing. However, the burst mode could only record four shots at half-second intervals.

      It’s a pity Kodak didn’t include image stabilisation in this model as it would significantly increase the number of printable shots users could obtain at the high zoom ratio that is the main reason for buying this camera. Kodak plans to bundle its new EasyShare Printer Dock Series 3 snapshot printer dock with the Z740, significantly increasing its value for money. [23]



      Resolution is adequate for a 5-megapixel camera and the potential for aliasing (‘jaggies’) is minimal, suggesting images shoudl be printable at sizes between A4 and A3.


      Chromatic aberration is detectable and its effects may be visible visible in enlarged photographs.


      Colour accuracy is good and most colour errors should be correctable with image editing software. The slightly elevated saturation will produce pleasingly-vivid prints.



      The above chart confirms the L*a*b* colour error results and suggests that noise could be problematic at high ISO settings.





      Image sensor: 5.34 x 4.01mm CCD with 5,360,000 photosites (5.0 megapixels effective)
      Lens: f2.8-8.8 (38-380mm in 35mm format)
      Zoom ratio: 10x optical, 5x digital
      Dimensions (wxhxd): 97.6 x 77.5 x 72mm
      Weight: 287g (without batteries)
      Image formats: Stills – JPEG (EXIF v 2.21); Movies – QuickTime MOV (MPEG-4) with audio (VGA at 13fps)
      Shutter speed range: 8-1/1700 sec
      Focus system/range: TTL-AF with multi-zone, center-weighted, and selectable: left, centre, right; range 70 cm to infinity; macro 12-70cm
      Exposure metering/control: TTL-AE with multi-pattern, centre-weighted, centre spot; TTL-AE, P, A and S plus 16 scene modes
      White balance: auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent and open shade
      Flash modes/range (ISO auto): auto, red-eye, fill, off; range 0.6-4.9m
      ISO range: Auto (ISO 80-160), ISO 80,100, 200, 400, 800
      Sequence shooting: 2fps, up to 4 pictures
      Storage Media: 32MB internal memory (holds 17 high-resolution images or up to 43 1.8MP shots) plus SD/MMC card expansion slot
      Viewfinder: EVF with 201,000 pixels
      LCD monitor: 1.8-inch high-resolution indoor/outdoor color display
      Power supply: 2x AA batteries or 1 CRV3 lithium battery or EasyShare Dock with Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack






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