Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60



      [Compact Fixed Lens]

      Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-TZ60 is a significant upgrade to the last TZ series camera we reviewed, the DMC-TZ30. In the intervening two years, Panasonic has increased both the sensor resolution and the zoom range and the TZ60 also boasts a redesigned body that is slightly larger and heavier than its predecessor. However, at only 240 grams (with battery and memory card) it remains relatively light and is slim enough to slip into a largish shirt pocket. It will be offered in black or silver and black.

      As its name suggests, the TZ60 has been designed primarily for travellers, as have all previous models in the series. Like its predecessors, it’s an excellent ‘go-anywhere’ camera. Not much larger than a smart-phone yet much more capable, it’s small and light enough to slip into a pocket or purse or pack into an external pouch on a backpack.

      The TZ60 continues to offer the features that have made this series stand-outs for travellers: a pocketable body with plenty of external controls that are straightforward to use. It also provides good picture quality with a usable ISO range from 100 to 800, where noise won’t be an issue.

      Features like the handy control ring and peaking assistance for manual focusing aren’t likely to be deal breakers, although they do add to the appeal of this camera. Movie enthusiasts may also welcome the 60/50p and High Speed modes, as well as the ability to record stereo soundtracks and the effective 5-axis stabilisation system.

      The inclusion of raw file support and an electronic viewfinder are genuine bonuses that will be enough to persuade some photographers to upgrade. But the omission of the touch-screen interface will put a lot off. So, too, could the smaller, less comfortable hand grip.

      In all, the DMC-TZ60’s new features are very welcome but whether they balance the omissions is up to each purchaser to decide.


      Build 8.5
      Ease of use 8.8
      Autofocusing 8.5
      Still image quality 8.5
      Video quality 8.0
      OVERALL 8.5