LaserSoft Imaging has released PrinTao 8, a new program for Epson large format printers which runs on the Mac OS X 10.7 operating system.


The main window screen for PrinTao 8. (Source: LaserSoft Imaging.)

PrinTao 8 supports a number of Epson printers  in the Stylus Photo and Stylus Pro series, ranging from desktop models like the Stylus Photo R2880 and R3000 through the Stylus Pro 3880, 4880 and 4900 through to stand-alone models in the Stylus Pro 7*** and 9*** ranges. It also supports the  following file formats: *.jpg,  *.tif,  *.gif, *.bmp, *.ico, *.png, *.psd, *.sgi, *.tga, *.xbm and *.sgi. The software is offered in four editions to cater for different printers, as shown in the table below.  All have the same functionality.


Home Studio Edition




Printers supported

Stylus Photo R2880 / R3000

Stylus Pro

3880 / 4880 / 4900

Stylus Pro

7890 / 7900

Stylus Pro

9890 / 9900

Download price

EUR 99

EUR 299

EUR 399

EUR 499

A purchased PrinTao 8 license is not linked to a particular person or to a specific computer. This means, the software can be installed on any number of Macs, but can be used on only one computer at a time.

PrinTao 8 has a similar GUI   to LaserSoft’s Silverfast products, with a Start-Pilot that lets users select the printer model, paper type and size as well as output quality with a few mouse clicks. Its colour management focuses upon accuracy and performance and takes full advantage of the available colour gamut. The PrinTao 8 Media Manager uses a constantly updated online database to manage and install paper profiles. Pre-designed templates facilitate the creation of print layouts and allow multiple copies of an image to be created in different sizes on the print medium. An intelligent nesting algorithm calculates the optimum arrangement to keep paper usage to a minimum.

Full details of PrinTao 8 and a free demonstration version can be found at