Anthropics Technology has released PortraitPro Body 3, the third-generation version of its photo editing software.

A comparison of the manual selection tools in the previous version of PortraitPro Body with the new automatic body selection tool in Version 3. (Source: Anthropics Technology.)

This software is designed to provide full-length body adjustments and includes automatic body selection, advanced tools for fixing warps, and intelligent tutorials among the main new features. Designed as a time saver for busy photographers, it operates as standalone software as well as a smart filter for Adobe Photoshop, and a regular plug-in for Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. The latest version adds a number of useful features, including automatic body selection, an advanced Warp Fixer and fine-grained tracking of each step in the editing process.

Two editions are available: Standard, which sells for AU$49.95 and Studio at AU$89.95. The Studio edition includes the ability to read raw and TIFF files and supports different colour spaces and embedded colour profiles. It also works as a plug-in for Adobe’s Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom.

PortraitPro Body is available to purchase or for a free trial. Click here for details.