Sydney Opera House, shot from Hickson Road.

Opera House Sunrise

By Shannon Kumar

Canon 6D Mark l; Canon 50mm f/1.8; ISO 100; f/16; 15s; 3-image blend

This image is of the Sydney Opera House, shot from Hickson Road.

I got there early and set up a composition already planned. I began shooting while it was still very dark and exposed so that the lights on the Opera House weren’t over exposed. I continued shooting through the blue hour before being met with this epic sunrise.

Probably the best sunrise I have ever seen, an absolute vibrant colour display.

In photo editing I blended a 1-exposure with the base exposure so that the sky wasn’t blown out.

I then blended in the city lights which I think gives the Opera House some amazing light at the base of the building and the bottom of the sails.

Don’s response

How much manipulation is too much? As a lover of photography, my response is: it all depends…

Photographer Shannon Kumar’s image was created by blending three different points in time on the same morning to produce a composite that is faithful to the experience.

This is not presented as a news or documentary image, but as a photographer’s interpretation of a beautiful morning at the Opera House. It was worth the effort in my view.

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