Polaroid Originals will re-launch in Australia in May as Polaroid Now, with a new film and redesigned point-and-shoot instant camera plus a new identity for 2020.

The new Polaroid Now instant camera will come in a range of colours, including red, orange, yellow, green and blue plus classic black and white. (Source: Polaroid.)

The new Polaroid Now camera features a lens that automatically switches between distance and portrait formats plus an accurate flash that takes the lighting conditions into consideration. It also boasts a 15-pack battery life and a friendlier more functional camera design. Cameras will be available for purchase from June 2020 onwards, alongside a new Color i-Type Film – Black Frame Edition, which will become a permanent fixture in the Polaroid product offering.

The new camera will sell for RRP AU$219.95, through http://www.polaroid.com.au/. The Colour i-Type Film – Black Frame Edition and Colour Wave Edition together with new Packaging Core Film will be available at an RRP of AU$31.95 from May 2020 at www.polaroid.com.au.