By Charles Kosina.
The Black Tusk is a volcanic fragment in British Columbia, Canada. Taken from top of Whistler summit.


Black Tusk, by Charles Kosina

Canon EOS 550; ISO200, f/20, 1/820 sec, 131 mm (210 mm equiv.)

Edited in Photoshop and NIK

Don’s response

The aptly named Black Tusk is certainly a very striking feature. It’s made all the more so by the contrast provided by the luxuriant snow-covered landscape and the slightly otherworldly peach-coloured sky.

Photographer Charles Kosina’s vantage point is interesting because it puts us at roughly the same altitude as the Black Tusk but I think the distance from the feature also works against the composition.

Since it looks as though getting any closer would require either a helicopter or a day or two of snowshoeing, the only practical alternative would be a longer focal length lens. With a 400mm and a little cropping, one might be able to create a very interesting study from what would be roughly the left half to third of this image.

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