DxO has unveiled a major update to DxO ViewPoint software for correcting problems in photographs taken with wide-angle lenses.

The new DxO ViewPoint 3 enables skewed perspectives and horizons to be corrected with a single click, making the process quick and easy. The update also introduces a new tool for producing a miniature effect, the first software of its kind to replicate the look made popular by tilt shift lenses. DxO ViewPoint benefits from the automatic corrections provided by DxO Optics Modules, developed by laboratory analysis of thousands of camera and lens combinations.
The existing perspective correction tools have been enhanced with an innovative, fully automatic mode that can instantly correct geometric distortion, straighten both horizontal and vertical lines, and automatically crop images to eliminate keystoning while preserving the maximum information in the picture. The new auto horizon correction tool is equally efficient at correcting skewed landscape and architectural images. A single click detects the most relevant straight lines in the image, which are analysed to determine the correct horizon. DxO ViewPoint 3 also includes a new tool that perfectly simulates the depth-of-field reduction of tilt/shift lenses. It can be used to simulate  the miniature look by displaying the location and intensity of two blur gradients which the user can adjust symmetrically or asymmetrically. Photographers are also able to simulate a specific type of bokeh.
DxO ViewPoint 3 for Mac and Windows is immediately available in the DxO online store (https://shop.dxo.com/). A fully-functional one month trial version of DxO ViewPoint 3 is available on the DxO website: http://www.dxo.com/us/photography/download.