Kodak EasyShare W1020 Digital Photo Frame

7 Rating

An 800 x 480-pixel, 20.3-centimetre, wi-fi-enabled digital photo frame with a 16:9 widescreen display that is bright with natural-looking colours.In theory it’s a great concept: build a photo frame for displaying digital pictures and equip it with a wireless interface that allows users to connect to the internet and view shots from online galleries. Add in the ability to display shots and video clips and/or play MP3 music files stored on a USB stick or camera memory cards and you’d think you were on a winner. In essence, that’s what Kodak is offering in its new wi-fi-enabled EasyShare W1020 digital photo frame. But the actual product leaves a lot to be desired. The W1020 is something of a Curate’s egg: parts of it are excellent. So let’s deal with those aspects before looking into areas in which the device failed to deliver on its promises.

Digital Foci 8-inch Portable Photo Book

8.5 Rating

Promoted as the ‘Best brag book for sharing treasured memories’, the Digital Foci 8-inch Portable Digital Photo Book (Model PBK-080) promises to be useful to both amateur and professional photographers as well as business users. A development of the ubiquitous digital photo frame, this device takes a standard LCD screen and houses it in attractive leather-like covers. Digital photos, videos and business presentations can be displayed on the screen.

Digitalk DPF-K800A Digital Photo Frame

8.5 Rating

An easy-to-use 800 x 600-pixel, digital photo frame with a 4:3 display that is sharp with natural-looking colours.Unlike some recently-released digital photo frames, the DPF-K800A 8-inch Digitalk frame doesn’t include Bluetooth or WiFi support and is consequently competitively priced. The 16.3 x 12.3 mm TFT LCD screen sports a shiny black acrylic surround that is approximately 25mm wide at each side, 16mm at the top and 40mm at the bottom to accommodate the control panel.

Fujifilm Real 3D V1 Digital Viewer

8 Rating

A digital photo frame for displaying 3D stills and video clips from the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1 camera.Designed to complement the FinePix Real 3D W1 camera, Fujifilm’s Real 3D V1 Digital Viewer looks a lot like many digital photo frames. With an 8-inch screen plus a clip-on stand and remote controller, it can display both 3D and normal 2D images. The frame is mains-powered and has a slot on the back that accepts SD/SDHC and xD-Picture Card cards. It also carries USB Type A and mini-USB sockets for direct playback of images from thumb drives, cameras or other devices.