Leica T (Typ 701)



      According to Leica staff, the Leica T’s design, craftsmanship, ease of use and the iconic status of the Leica brand are expected to be attractive to photographic purists who want the build quality and performance the ‘red dot’ promises and have the ability to accommodate the investment costs.


      The new Leica T (Typ 701), shown with the two lenses that will be available when the camera goes on sale. (Source: Leica.)

      This camera could provide a companion body to owners of a Leica M system or a main body for photographers with a suite of M mount lenses they have been using on cameras from other manufacturers.

      Additional prime lenses could make the T more attractive to existing M owners who are looking for a smaller camera for everyday use or as a back-up camera. The autofocusing capabilities of the camera make it a good choice as a travel companion for this group.

      From a practical viewpoint, the press day revealed the T as a good choice for street photography. Its small body size, straightforward handling and quiet shutter make it relatively inconspicuous ““ although that factor is compromised a little when you add the optional Visoflex EVF.


      The top panel of the Leica T with the Summicron-T 23mm f/2 ASPH lens. (Source: Leica.)


      In summary

      It’s difficult to write up reviews of Leica products without including comments on price, which has always been a factor associated with the brand. Put briefly, Leica makes premium products and prices them accordingly. The prestige of owning a Leica product is factored into the price and the build, handling and presentation of the camera and lenses reinforce that message.

      Whether this camera and its associated lenses justify their price tags is up to each individual purchaser. What we can say is that Leica has taken a welcome move into the CSC category and produced equipment that looks smart, performs competently and is likely to please those who yearn to experience Leica’s renowned craftsmanship and style.




      Build 9.0
      Ease of use 8.5
      Autofocusing 8.0
      Still image quality JPEG 9.0
      Still image quality RAW 9.0
      Video quality 8.5
      OVERALL 8.5