By Trace O’Rourke.

Chestnut Canopy

By Trace O’Rourke

Sony A7R ll; Sony FE 24-105mm G OSS lens @ 76mm; f/13; ISO 800

The host at our accommodation mentioned “everyone comes along to photograph the chestnut tree farm”. I’m not very familiar with chestnut trees but early next morning I could see why.

Don’s response

Chestnuts certainly are splendid trees.

Not only are they visually attractive, with their stout, straight trunks and famously spreading foliage, their annual nut crops are an important food source for humans and animals alike. Plus, the wood is prized for being both easy to work and exceptionally durable.

And Trace O’Rourke’s portrait of this healthy looking specimen in a grove of its fellows is fairly glowing with Chestnutty goodness.

By stopping her lens down to f/13, Trace has enough depth of field to ensure that the image is sharp from the foliage at top of the frame all the way out to infinity.

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