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Sep-Nov 2014 issue (on sale 28 August)

> The Integrity of Imagining:
Samantha Everton has gone to extraordinary lengths in producing her art photographs, especially with her latest series, Sang Tong.
> Humble Traveller:
Pascal Mannaerts’ respectful approach is focussed upon portraying humanity in all its glorious variety, without being judgemental in any way.
> Landscape or Shamscape?
A new International Landscape Photography competition provokes questions on where to draw the line between landscape photography and digital art.
> Location: Arkaroola 
An oasis in the spectacular northern Flinders Ranges with plenty to delight photographers.
> Shooting: Mirror images 
The ins and outs of capturing striking mirror images.
> Editing: A healthy crop 
How to transform your images by the judicious application of a well considered crop.
> Lenses: Taking the macro view
Macro shooting tools and techniques.
> Lighten Up! 
We shed a little light on what you need to create images with a little extra light.
> Polarised Positions 
The one filter every photographer should have.
> Plus Photo Challenge, Image Review, Net Effect, and more!

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