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Montaging the past into the present

The old family photos that inspired Sue Daley’s lifelong interest in photography were crucial to her decision to commit to it full-time.

Where the wild things are

When Scott Portelli isn’t photographing animals doing what comes naturally in remote or underwater places, he’s usually helping someone else to do it.

Doing business down Art Street

With an unusual eye in more ways than one, Perth photographer Brett Canet-Gibson has created space for himself on the artier side of the commercial sphere.

Edward Burtynsky – The Anthropocene Project

‘We all believe that this is the important issue of our day. It’s actually a crisis. If you engage in the environmental rant, I think people turn off. But if you open up a place for discourse, for understanding – through photographs, through things that are open to a personal interpretation, hopefully that’s a more profound transformative experience.’ – Nicholas de Pencier