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Doing business down Art Street

With an unusual eye in more ways than one, Perth photographer Brett Canet-Gibson has created space for himself on the artier side of the commercial sphere.

Edward Burtynsky – The Anthropocene Project

‘We all believe that this is the important issue of our day. It’s actually a crisis. If you engage in the environmental rant, I think people turn off. But if you open up a place for discourse, for understanding – through photographs, through things that are open to a personal interpretation, hopefully that’s a more profound transformative experience.’ – Nicholas de Pencier

A passion for street

Steve Scalone was about 12 when he picked up a camera for the first time. It was his father’s 1950s Paxette 35mm rangefinder and while the elder Scalone had never really managed to get to grips with it, young Steve just seemed to have an intuitive feel for photographic technology.

Frame works

Zoologist, bio-ethicist, governor of the World Wide Fund for Nature in Australia, communications consultant and lecturer at the University of Melbourne, Doug Gimesy is also a committed conservation and wildlife photographer.