Memory card speeds and capacities

Your camera will determine the type of memory card you need. The camera’s resolution, video capabilities and the extent to which you use continuous shooting will dictate the card speed required.
This article will help ensure you choose a memory card that perfectly suits your photography.

The digital dark age dilemma

[August 2015] By breaking the nexus between analogue cameras and photos (the film era forced photographers to create hard copy images), digital photography created a problem which is yet to be fully addressed: the essentially ephemeral nature of digital image files.

Choosing and using a scanner

Most people have old photographs they want to keep but are concerned about the amount of space they take up and the deterioration than can occur over time. Digitising these images is the ideal way to preserve them – and for that you need a scanner.

Seagate 8.0GB CompactFlash Photo Hard Drive

Outstanding storage capacity for the price plus above-average shock resistance for microdrive products.Seagate, a leading developer of hard drives, has a new range of “Photo Hard Drives” that boast higher resistance to vibration and impact shock and are compatible with most DSLR cameras with CF slots. The new Seagate Photo Hard Drives are available in 4GB and 8GB capacities and both require a CompactFlash Type II card slot. The company claims it has used a new drive architecture that maintains data integrity and protects the drive against drops or falls.

Western Digital My Passport Elite 320GB Portable Hard Drive

9 Rating

The smallest, lightest – and most elegant – portable backup device we’ve reviewed to date.It may not be the cheapest 320GB portable HDD around, but the new Western Digital (WD) My Passport Elite drive is the smallest and most elegant drive we’ve reviewed. On a cost/gigabyte basis, it’s also excellent value for money. Available in either bronze or titanium (gunmetal grey), it has a ‘soft touch’ finish that is very comfortable to hold and resistant to finger-marking.