Photo Review tips section

Monitor Calibration Made Easy

The first step to achieving colour consistency involves calibrating your computer monitor and creating an ICC profile that can be used by the editing software as a working RGB colour space. The objective is to make the image you see on the monitor look as close as possible to the print you make from it.

Shooting Tips

Aside from the pictures you miss because you forget to carry a camera, two factors are responsible for the majority of missed shots everyday photographers report.

Image Archiving

While many photographers still use the traditional print-and-frame or print-to-album strategies, all digital photographers must confront the issue of how they will store their digital image files.

Making Your Prints Last

The issue of print permanence is an old one and a great deal of research has been done on printing technologies, all the way from silver-halide films and papers through to the latest inkjet and dye-sublimation media.

How Much Memory Do You Require?

Digital cameras are seldom supplied with memory cards these days, partly because the cards that were once supplied are woefully inadequate for today’s camera resolution levels and partly because many digicams come with built-in memories where pictures can be stored.