Why Use Genuine Inkjet Media?

EPSON SPECIAL PROMOTION: You’ve paid hundreds of dollars for a top-quality digital camera and hundreds more for a photo printer – so why compromise your investment by buying cheap inks and papers? Using genuine media (in other words, the inks and papers supplied by your printer’s manufacturer) will also give you the best possible prints your camera images can produce.

Why the Right Ink is Important

Different types of inkjet printer require radically different ink types. Printers designed for dyebased inks can’t work with pigment inks – and vice versa. Printers that rely on heat to force out droplets of ink need inks that can maintain a specific viscosity range through repeated heating and cooling, while printers driven by piezo-electric technology require inks with highly specific viscosities.

Sell Your Images

Photographers have enjoyed a long tradition of making money by selling their picture to stock agencies, which will on-sell shots to clients like advertising agencies, businesses and publishers. Some photographers earn a large portion of their income this way, while others use it for supplementing regular income. Either way, submitting images to stock libraries can be profitable – as long as you have technically excellent photographs of the type they wish to buy.

Producing Digital Photos for Publication

Over the past few years Internet chat rooms that cover photography have often discussed whether digital images are acceptable for magazine reproduction or turning into large, fine art prints. It seems certain overseas travel and ‘fine art’ magazines are still refusing to accept digital images for publication on claims their quality isn’t good enough. Australian publications are, usually, happy to accept digital image files and many even prefer them because they integrate more readily into the production workflow. But only files that are ‘good enough’ will be accepted.