Easy ways to create a photobook

Printed books are a great way to store and share a collection of images and preserve valuable photos for future generations. And there are plenty of companies offering online photobook services. This article helps you choose a service provider and takes you through the production process from start to finish…

Camera connectivity

Most recent cameras include integrated Wi-Fi, which enables them to send images – and often movie clips – to smart-phones and tablets or upload them to devices connected to a wireless network. With the majority of people carrying a smart device these days, Wi-Fi is the logical choice for a camera that needs to communicate with the rest of the world.

Colour spaces explained

To ensure the right colours in your images, it helps to understand how colour spaces work… Colour spaces are mathematical models describing the way colours can be represented. The easiest way of visualising them is to think of a box containing all the possible colours that can be produced by mixing the three primary colours of light: red, green and blue.