New Camera Testing System

Over years of equipment testing we have sought to provide readers with objective information on the performance of the cameras we evaluate. Until recently, the only quantifiable data we could capture was related to capture lag, burst mode and camera response times. But that has changed. From June 2005 we have implemented a new, more objective testing system called Imatest that allows readers to compare the performance of similarly-featured cameras quantifiably.

Media Choices

As we explained in Output Equipment, different types of printer require different types of inks. The only way to guarantee you obtain the best-looking, longest-lasting and most colour accurate prints is to use the inks supplied by the manufacturer of your printer.

Lightweight Tripods for Photographers on the Move

Tripods are often quoted as photography’s most hated accessory but it’s hard to see why so many photographers view them so adversely. It may be because of the bulk and weight they add to a photographer’s kit – or perhaps because the high ISO capabilities of many recently-released cameras allow camera users to feel a tripod isn’t necessary. But shooting with high ISO settings incurs a cost in the form of increased noise and compromised sharpness. Furthermore, using a tripod can dramatically improve shots like portraits and low-light scenes. Finally, there are situations where you simply can’t take the shot unless the camera is on a tripod.

Lighting Equipment for Serious Photographers

Photography is all about using light to create pictures. But what happens when the ambient lighting is less than ideal? The solution is to modify it in some way. And there are plenty of options available. This buying guide will showcase some of the more popular choices for photo enthusiasts.

Larger Sensors = Better Image Quality

One factor few digital camera buyers appreciate is just how small the sensors in digital cameras actually are. Currently, the most popular digicam sensor measures approximately 6.13 x 4.6 mm in size. That’s about half the size of your little fingernail.