When to use filters

Back in the days of film, most photographers fitted UV, haze or skylight filters to every lens, partly to block the ultraviolet radiation that could impart a blue cast to photographs (all films can record invisible UV radiation) and partly to protect the front element of the lens. Filters still have their uses for today’s digital photographers, however there are situations where you need to be discriminating in your choice of filter.

Five key factors for action shots

Most photographers enjoy the challenge of depicting action in still photos, whether they shoot sports, dance, wildlife or simply family activities. The best shots capture the essence of the movement – speed, flow and/or position – in the instant recorded in the frame. Regardless of your level of expertise, all photographers must deal with five vital criteria when planning an action shoot.

Compact system camera buying guide

Camera designers have had a field day since the first ‘mirrorless’ models were introduced. The market has now matured to provide an interesting array of body styles that use sensors from tiny 6.2 x 4.6 mm chips to the 36 x 24mm size used in professional DSLRs. There’s a camera to suit photographers at all levels of interest and expertise, from snapshooter to professional.

Going mirrorless

Although DSLR cameras have long been promoted as providing the best image quality, many people see them as too big, too heavy and too complex. But the latest ‘mirrorless’ Compact System Cameras (CSCs) are seriously challenging most of these perceived performance advantages and providing some quantifiable benefits of their own.