Busting the Megapixel Myth

Anyone looking at the cameras the manufacturers have been offering over the past several years could easily believe that the higher the camera’s megapixel count the better. But, as the old jazz standard says: ‘It ain’t necessarily so!’ The only thing more megapixels will give you is the ability to enlarge and crop pictures without individual pixels becoming visible. Other factors are much more important in determining overall picture quality.

Best Buys for Christmas 2008

Photo Review has checked out the local online photo equipment resellers and come up with our picks of the best buys in the pre-Christmas market. Our choices are based on value for money, along with the results of our regular camera tests.

10 Reasons To Buy Camera Gear Locally

Everyone loves a bargain, and some popular models are available at lower prices from online retailers operating out of Asia and the US. But if it looks too good, it very often is, and there’s a whole range of considerations the canny consumer needs to keep in mind when buying online.

Introduction to Digital SLR

Currently, no compact digital camera (‘digicam’) can match the performance of even an entry-level DSLR. Although photo enthusiasts have long preferred an SLR-type camera, the latest DSLRs have much more appeal to mainstream picture-takers than earlier models.

How Much Memory Do You Require?

Digital cameras are seldom supplied with memory cards these days, partly because the cards that were once supplied are woefully inadequate for today’s camera resolution levels and partly because many digicams come with built-in memories where pictures can be stored.