With online purchase of camera gear on the rise, we’re renewing our advice to buy from a local camera specialist retailer where possible, and we’ve updated our checklist of what to consider before buying from overseas sellers.

1. Is the local price negotiable?

2. Is the overseas company reputable and reliable?

3. What is the delivery time frame?

4. What are the shipping and shipping insurance costs?

5. Is the product fit for local conditions – cables, plugs, voltage, accessories, etc?

6. If there is a warranty issue, will you incur shipping costs to send the product back to the country of purchase?

7. How long will you need to wait for the product to be repaired and returned?

8. If more than AU$1,000, has Australian GST been applied?

9. Will your purchase be protected as much as local purchases are protected by Australian Consumer Laws?

10. Would you prefer to buy locally to support local retailers, and in turn local jobs?

11. Is the product seller a photographic specialist who can answer technical queries and help ensure you’re buying the right product for your photography?

For further details see why you should buy camera gear locally.

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