Baron Wolman and the Rolling Stone Years

As ground floor opportunities go, they don’t get much better than being asked by a 21-year-old Jann Wenner if you’d like to be part of something new. It was 1967, Baron Wolman was an experienced freelance photographer working in San Francisco and Wenner’s idea was Rolling Stone.

Depth, Layers and Dimensions: Tim Clayton

‘In ’76 there was a heat-wave in London and I took a picture of my adopted sister and our basset hound’, said Sydney Morning Herald sports photographer Tim Clayton. ‘When the negative was developed, it looked like the head of the basset hound was on the body of my sister, who was wearing a bikini at the time. When the boss saw it, he said “Oh that would be a great little weather picture.” They used it on the front page. For a 16 year-old getting a picture on the front page of the [Yorkshire Evening Post] was just huge.’

FotoFreo Photographer Profile: Sohrab Hura, New Delhi

SohrabHura475 The first photo is of my mother and my dog Elsa. There is deep unconditional love that my mother gets from Elsa and similarly Elsa too is very emotionally dependent on her. My mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia many years ago and her condition is sometimes not too good but Elsa always manages …

Northern Heart

When Glenn Campbell was growing up in Mount Isa, angling a holiday job at the lead smelter was something of a tradition for the kids in town. Fortunately Campbell’s father, who was in the transport business, happened to have a contact pretty high up at the smelter. So, in due course, when young Glenn came to be looking for a summer position, he soon found himself working in the plant’s photo lab.

FotoFreo Photographer Profile: David Dare Parker, WA

David-Dare-Parker475 Michael James Quinn in front of Buck, the one-antlered deer. November 2009. The strength of Fremantle’s clubs are the members that frequent them. Each club has its loyal membership that get together to share a drink and a chat. In this image I was having a bit of a laugh at the one-antlered deer …

FotoFreo Photographer Profile: Amy Stein, New York City

AmyStein475 Peri, Route 64, Kentucky.When I pulled up to a red van on the side of the road outside Lexington Kentucky I had no idea what I would find inside. I approached the vehicle and saw a man in the driver’s seat. He was ill and on oxygen and could not get out of the …

Flow Motion Colours

Like a lot of people, Ray Galea goes bushwalking to get close to nature, and he takes his camera along in case he comes across something worth photographing.

‘What are you looking at?’

New Zealand has been giving long overdue recognition to one of its finest photographers, Marti Friedlander. A retrospective exhibition of 150 of her black-and-white ‘instants kept open to scrutiny’ – selected from more than 50,000 taken over 40 years – has been touring the country in conjunction with the publication of the book Marti Friedlander: Photographs.