Vikk Shayen

  About Vikk Shayen Shayen is a Singaporean-Australian photographer based in Melbourne and Performanscape is her first large-scale personal work. Vikk Shayen’s work has been published in various newspapers and magazines and frequently curated on Fashion Served as part of the Behance Network. She studied black and white film photography formally for two years and …

Youngho Kang

About Youngho Kang Youngho is known as ‘the dancing photographer,’ as he always takes pictures dancing to blaring music in the background. Without taking a single course in photography, he started playing around with his camera taking pictures of his girlfriend. In 1998 those pictures, coincidently, caught the attention of the fashion industry. Soon he …

Kara Rasmanis

About Kara Rasmanis Kara Rasmanis was born and raised in Ballarat and grew up in a household of arts and crafts (padded tissue boxes that gave way to elegant and sophisticated embroidery from her mother, and functional and solid woodwork from her father). A passion for all things creative guided her through childhood. In high …

John Cato

  About John Cato (Tribute Show) John ‘Jack’ Cato (1889-1971) was born in Tasmania. He worked in London from 1909 to 1913 as a society and theatre photographer. In 1913 he moved to South Africa and worked as an ethnographic photographer. After the war he returned to Hobart, and set up a studio in 1920. …

Luke Hardy: Between Narrative and Mystery

‘I’ve always been fascinated with the other, with that which is foreign to me, that which is nearly illegible… unreadable.’

Zorica Purlija: Reading between the lines

A few years ago, Zorica Purlija began submitting entries to the Photo Review challenges. Her work had a certain intensity and as the submissions turned up each issue, it became apparent that there was a consistency of vision behind them. Often featuring her daughter Yumi, the pictures had an ineffable quality of belonging to a wider body of work. Something about them seemed to hint at deeper currents far below the surface.

Wayne Quilliam: An Extraordinary Life

A young sailor, an exotic port and a few drinks. It’s a familiar story. But this one didn’t end with a sore head and new tattoo.