From the Mountains to the Sea: Ansel Adams

After patiently answering a long stream of questions about everything from how or why he’d taken a particular photograph to arcane technical queries about the Zone system, someone asked Ansel Adams if digital imaging technology could ever match the exquisite beauty of his 10×8-inch black and white negatives.

Tony Hewitt: A Photographic Journey

Landscape photographer Tony Hewitt has been named as the Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year for 2013. Last year Photo Review editor Don Norris spoke with Tony about his photography.

Luke Hardy: Between Narrative and Mystery

‘I’ve always been fascinated with the other, with that which is foreign to me, that which is nearly illegible… unreadable.’

Zorica Purlija: Reading between the lines

A few years ago, Zorica Purlija began submitting entries to the Photo Review challenges. Her work had a certain intensity and as the submissions turned up each issue, it became apparent that there was a consistency of vision behind them. Often featuring her daughter Yumi, the pictures had an ineffable quality of belonging to a wider body of work. Something about them seemed to hint at deeper currents far below the surface.

Wayne Quilliam: An Extraordinary Life

A young sailor, an exotic port and a few drinks. It’s a familiar story. But this one didn’t end with a sore head and new tattoo.