Ballarat International Foto Biennale Photographer Profile: Drex Brooks

Peach-Tree-Utah-1997475 Peach Tree, Utah.Made with a found lens hand mounted on a Polaroid Pack film camera with type 665 Positive/Negative …

Ballarat International Foto Biennale: MAP group

According to its home page, the ‘Many Australian Photographers Group’, (the MAP Group), ‘is a non-profit association of around 40 photographers who share a passion and commitment to high quality, independent documentary image making.’ The membership is drawn from a wide spectrum of photographers. Some of the group are just setting out on their careers behind the lens, while others have established practices and have earned awards nationally and internationally.

Annals of my Glass House

Julia Margaret Cameron is an extraordinary figure. Her images, while clearly of the time, nevertheless have a mysteriously modern feel. Almost alone among photographers of the day, she seems to have somehow grasped the essence of the new medium. Again and again she managed to capture the ever elusive decisive moment. And she did so with what would now be regarded as an intolerably clumsy set of tools.