Gallery Profile: Robynne Hayward

  Location: Sydney, My Favourite Websites: weburbanist.comMike Brodie (see: Inspirations:My inspirations are mainly visual, a scene that appeals …

Gallery Profile: Leigh Beer

Location:Brisbane, Qld. My Favourite Websites: Without a doubt The one I mainly look at is It’s asort of …

Gallery Profile: Fernando Cascais

Location:Espinho, Portugal My Favourite Websites: My Gear: Nikon D80 and Nikon 28mm f2.8, Nikon 50mm …

Gallery Profile: Brad McEvoy

  Location: Dee Why, NSW My Favourite Websites: My Gear:Canon 350D and Sony Cyber-shot with a …

Finding the Juice

Mark Rogers’ career began with an extended period of itinerant work and travel around Australia and Europe. He picked fruit, took jobs on building sites and in mines and worked on prawnboats and in canefields. Along the way he developed an interest in the dramatic arts in general and acting in particular.

Edgy, Kooky and Real

You can tell Tom Ramsay’s a cowboy at heart as soon as you enter the website promoting his new book, Welcome to Shanedale – The Australia Not Shown on Postcards. Accompanying the sample photographs is Frankie Laine’s rousing rendition of Ghost Riders in the Sky. “An old cowpoke went ridin’ out one dark and windy day…” Yee-haw.

Eye for a scene

Sometimes things don’t work out quite the way you plan. Originally I’d intended to interview Geoffrey Simpson about his work as a cinematographer, with the idea of exploring the intersection between his craft and the art of photographic composition. Although he is an extremely busy fellow, we managed to conduct the interview. Unfortunately, it turned out to be difficult to organise the high resolution images from his films we’d need for publication in the magazine. Ownership and copyright issues that arise from such a highly collaborative art form, it seems, are extremely complex.

Exceeding expectations

Ross Eason bases his Sunshine Coast commercial photography business on exceeding clients’ expectations, and he has the skill, creative confidence and work ethic to do so. It’s the other factors – the ones beyond his control – which can make the task an unforseen challenge.

Distant focus

Whether he’s photographing a shipwreck at dawn, moss-covered river rocks or a wedding, it’s easy to see that Paul Pichugin puts his heart and soul into his work. He has the technical and aesthetic skills of an accomplished professional, but has also retained the enthusiasm and candour of his years as a keen amateur.