Manufacturing variability

An age-old issue continues into the digital age… This article explains what “manufacturing variability”  means for cameras and lenses, how likely it is to occur, and what you can do about it under local consumer laws if there’s a problem  with any new gear you purchase…

Olive Cotton and Sally McInerney

Olive Cotton’s confident sense of design and balance was expressed across a wide range of subject types. Her daughter Sally McInerney is a superb photographer in her own right and it’s interesting to see the echos of her mother’s aesthetic sensibilities showing up in some of the images here.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The Australian Museum in Sydney is showing 100 of the best images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Drawn from some 42,000 entries, these photographs are a must-see for anyone with a photo safari in their future – or indeed anyone who delights in the endless variety of our fellow lifeforms!