Skylum’s new Panorama Stitching Extension for Luminar Neo speedily combines multiple photos of expansive scenes into one seamless image. Exclusive special offer for Photo Review readers.

You no longer have to worry about trying to fit sweeping landscapes into one frame. Panorama Stitching Extension gives you the ability to merge up to 100 images of your favourite sceneries and, with just a few clicks, can generate an outstanding panorama of the full picture.

This exciting new Extension goes beyond photos. Panorama Stitching Extension can also create captivating panoramic images from your video files by using innovative new AI-powered technology, allowing you to create immersive cinematic experiences.

For photos, simply import your image files to the app, and select up to 100 shots to merge.

For videos, check through the timeline, and select specific objects across multiple frames to be combined into an action sequence image. Luminar Neo will do the rest using its powerful AI capabilities.

Skylum’s dedication to innovation ensures that all photographers, regardless of their experience level, can enjoy the creative freedoms of panorama. The technology behind the Panorama Stitching Extension automates the stitching process, saving you time and effort while producing outstanding results.

For a limited time, Skylum is offering a special deal to both new users and loyal customers.

Exclusive offer for Photo Review readers:
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