Take Better Photos ebook


Take Better Photos gives you an easy way to learn the fundamentals of photography, providing expert advice to inspire and improve your photos.

This compact guide shows you how to:
– Select the right shooting modes to balance aperture and shutter speed.
– Use white balance and ISO to keep photos sharp and colour-balanced.
– Freeze or blur motion, or capture a sharp subject against blurred background.
– Master the art of composition and framing.
– Capture close-up images to develop your creativity.

Take Better Photos shows you the tools, tips and tricks to capture stunning, eye-catching images.

Format: PDF, A5, 80 pages
ISBN: 978-1-922156-57-0
Publisher: Photo Review – Media Publishing
Copyright: This ebook is for the buyer’s personal use and cannot be sent on to others without permission of the publisher.

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Take Better Photos is the “commonsense cookbook” of photography, covering all the basics of how to take a good photo and providing expert advice to inspire and improve your photos.

High quality book design with sample images, expert tips and advice on the key aspects of photography.

About the author
Margaret Brown is technical editor of Photo Review Australia magazine and website and has been writing on photography for more than 35 years. Margaret is author of the popular and extensive Photo Review Pocket Guide series and the Australian Consumer Association’s Choice Guide to Digital Photography.


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