Photography guides 6-pack PDF editions


Includes immediate access to 6 PDF edition photography guides:

Travel Photography
– The right camera gear for different types of trips.
– Vantage points, creative angles and camera settings needed for eye-catching shots.
– Shoot in transit; from planes, trains, buses and cars windows.
– Optimise your images for slideshows, posting online, photo books, and prints.

Take Better Photos
– Select the right shooting modes to balance aperture and shutter speed.
– Use white balance and ISO to keep photos sharp and colour-balanced.
– Freeze or blur motion, or capture a sharp subject against blurred background.
– Composition, framing, and close-up images to develop your creativity.

Nature Photography
– The right cameras and lenses for different types of nature photos.
– Where to go to find the best nature photo locations, locally and beyond.
– How to use depth of field and focus stacking to create outstanding nature shots.
– Optimal times to shoot nature subjects and how to use the available light.

Digital Darkroom
– The right computer, monitor, printer, backup and archiving tools for photography.
– How to use photo editing tools effectively.
– How to work with raw files and when to use jpeg.
– Printer, ink types, paper options, and optical brighteners.

Lenses Guide
– How to select and use the right lenses to improve your photography.
– Lens mount and format options, image stabilisation and focusing systems;
– How to select the right lenses for different types of photography;
– Special purpose lenses – macro, architectural, mirror and fisheye lenses.

Low Light Photography
– how to balance aperture, shutter speed and ISO;
– surreal long exposure shots;
– sunset and sunrise images;
– master low light and improve your photographic technique in all shooting conditions.

High quality book production with insightful sample images and expert tips on key aspects of photography.

Format for each ebook: PDF, A5, 80 pages
Publisher: Photo Review – Media Publishing

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Includes immediate access to 6 PDF edition guides:
Travel Photography, Take Better Photos, Nature Photography, Digital Darkroom, Lenses, and Low Light Photography.

High quality book production with insightful sample images and expert tips on key aspects of photography.

About the author
Margaret Brown is technical editor of Photo Review Australia magazine and website and has been writing on photography for more than 35 years. Margaret is author of the popular and extensive Photo Review Pocket Guide series and the Australian Consumer Association’s Choice Guide to Digital Photography.


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