Epson Expression Photo XP-950



      In summary

      On paper, Epson’s Expression Photo XP-950 looked like a pretty good product – with an affordable price tag that represented good value when you consider all the things this device can do (hence the relatively high overall rating). And, while it will probably suit snapshooters very well (particularly if they have a taste for bright, contrasty prints), it’s not as well suited to serious photographers.

      For starters, it doesn’t provide enough control over output quality and doesn’t support ICC profiles. But also its inherent tendency to boost contrast and saturation limits its ability to produce excellent results across the wide range of image types most photographers produce.

      As an occasional printer of JPEG images, the Expression Photo XP-950 will suit households and small offices with limited desk space. It also provides useful printing, scanning and copying facilities for office documents as well as a useful range of wireless controls. And there are plenty of downloadable apps to facilitate printing from the cloud and with mobile devices like tablets and smart-phones.


      Build 8.5
      Features 9.0
      Print quality (colour) 8.0
      Print quality (monochrome) 8.0
      Print speed 8.5
      Scanning 8.5
      OVERALL   8.8

      RRP:  AU$399; US$350