Canon M80 Media Storage Device

A well-built portable storage device for image and video files that also has music playback capabilities.Portable image storage devices have been around for a few years. Based on notebook PC hard disk drives, they offer high storage capacities and have card slots for quick transfer of image files. Some have LCD screens for viewing stored images; some support playback of music and video files. All represent good value when compared with the cost of buying the same capacity in memory cards. At $1099 for 80GB, Canon’s M80 sits in the ‘prestige’ end of the market.

Emtec Photo Cube

7 Rating

Compact and lightweight data storage for digital camera pictures.Faced by stiff competition from falling memory card prices and rising card capacities, the prices of portable storage devices have fallen in recent months. French company, Emtec (which was originally named BASF) has released two affordable portable storage products under the Photo Cube brand name. Available in 40GB or 80GB capacities, they use 2.5-inch notebook computer hard disk drives for data storage.