Epson Perfection 4180 Photo Scanner

[ia] The Perfection 4180 Photo scanner has double the resolution of the 2480 model, and can be used for scanning medium format film frames as well as 35mm negatives or slides. Up to 12 frames of 35mm film, or up to four 35mm mounted slides and six medium format film frames can be accommodated in the transparency unit.

Canon CanoScan 9950F

The CanoScan 9950F is ideal for photographers who want a flatbed scanner with high-resolution film scanning capabilities. It’s capable of scanning up to 30 frames of 35mm filmstrip, twelve mounted slides, and medium format and sheet film up to 5 x 4- inch size. The 9950F includes Canon’s Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement (FARE) Level 3 technology, which removes dust and scratches and corrects fading, graininess and backlighting.

Epson Perfection 4490 Scanner

Epson’s Perfection 4490 Photo scanner has many of the features of the Perfection 4990 Photo model but a $300 lower price tag. For photographers, the 4490 has a moving carriage transparency unit (TPU) plus holders for 35mm and medium format films. It also comes with Digital ICE and Digital ICE Lite dust- and scratch-removal technology, the first time these facilities are offered in a mid-priced scanner. (Digital ICE is accessible in the Home and Professional modes, while Digital ICE Lite is Professional mode only.)

Kaiser Baas PhotoScanner

8 Rating

A compact desktop scanner that digitises photo prints and documents and saves them to an SD card.Kaiser Baas is a company that develops products to solve common digital lifestyle problems for non-specialist consumers. Among its offerings are devices as diverse as digital photo frames, image and sound converters (including scanners), digital TV tuners, portable digital radios, memory card readers and road recorders. The PhotoScanner is the latest in a line of image conversion products that includes two film scanners and a video-to-DVD converter.

Canon CanoScan CS5600F

8.5 Rating

A competitively-priced, easy to use scanner for photographers with small volumes of images to digitise.Although not top of the range, the CanoScan CS5600F is a well-specified flatbed scanner with an attractive price tag and could appeal to everyday consumers who need to scan both reflective originals (such as documents and prints) and images on film. Capable of 4800 x 9600 dpi (dots/inch) resolution and up to 48-bit colour depth it has a built-in film adaptor that accepts up to six frames on 35mm filmstrip or four mounted 35mm slides at a time.