Leica Summicron-T 23mm f/2 Lens


      [M4/3 Lens]

      Leica’s Summicron-T 23mm f/2 lens covers a focal length equivalent to 35 mm in 35 mm format on the Leica T camera for which it is designed. This ‘truly classic Leica focal length’ was traditionally favoured for photojournalism. Comparatively small and light in weight, it can be used wide open to isolate subjects from distracting backgrounds or stopped down to provide a wide depth of field.

      The optical design of this lens is relatively simple, with nine elements in six groups and including two aspherical surfaces. Leica hasn’t published detailed specifications for the lens but it’s safe to assume some form of coating is applied to suppress ghosting and flare.

      Supplied with the lens are a cylindrical lens hood, soft fabric pouches for both the lens and hood and the usual front and end caps. The front cap has a pinch-style clip which is secure when in position and easy to remove and re-fit.

      In summary

      Since this lens is designed specifically for the Leica T mount, it’s only usable on the new Leica T camera, which limits the number of potential purchasers. Its main advantages are that it covers a moderately wide angle of view and is capable of producing a narrow depth of field for isolating subjects from confusing backgrounds and exploring different planes of sharpness.

      The internal focus design plus stepping motor AF drive deliver fast, near-silent autofocus, making it a good choice for situations when the photographer must work unobserved and when shooting movie clips. The lens accepts 52mm threaded filters, which don’t rotate when the lens is focused.

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