Sony NEX-F3

8.5 Rating

Sony’s latest entry-level interchangeable-lens compact camera with a new self-portrait function, designed for family photographers.

Samsung NX11

8.5 Rating

A modest upgrade to the NX10 with a redesigned grip and support for i-Function lenses.Samsung’s mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera line-up now consists of four models: the original NX10, the NX5, NX100 and the new NX11. The NX11features a re-designed hand grip and adds a new panoramic shooting mode plus 1:1 and 16:9 aspect ratios for still capture and support for the company’s i-Function lenses (introduced with the NX100). The sensor, viewfinder and LCD monitor are unchanged since the NX10.

Samsung NX100

8 Rating

The latest ‘mirrorless’ camera from Samsung is styled like a compact digicam but has a much larger sensor and supports 720p HD movie recording.Styled like a compact digicam – and only a little larger – Samsung’s NX100 is quite different from the SLR-like NX10 the company released earlier this year. It sports an APS-C size sensor with an effective resolution of 14.6 megapixels and introduces a new series of lenses. A high-resolution 3-inch AMOLED screen covers much of the rear panel – but if you want a viewfinder, it’s an add-on accessory.

Samsung NX10

9 Rating

An affordable, interchangeable-lens system camera that provides DSLR features in a compact and portable body.Samsung expanded the interchangeable-lens compact (ILC) camera category with the announcement of its mirrorless NX10 system in early January. Styled like a traditional DSLR camera, but significantly slimmer (thanks to a shorter flange-back resulting from the elimination of the mirror box), the NX10 competes head-to-head with the Micro Four Thirds models introduced recently by Olympus and Panasonic.