Fujifilm X-T1


      Fujifilm’s recently-released X-T1 Compact System Camera is targeted at traditionalists and serious photographers looking for SLR-style handling in a camera that allows key adjustments to be made by mechanical dials. With its durable die-cast magnesium body, the X-T1 is weather resistant when paired with a weather resistant X mount lens, although there’s only one of them available so far and two in the pipeline.

      The price tag will put the X-T1 beyond the reach of the casual snapshooter, which is fine as this is a complex camera that is best suited to professional photographers and serious enthusiasts who are prepared to utilise its manual controls. There’s no fully-automatic shooting mode at all.

      As with other X-series cameras, the camera can be operated in programmed AE mode by setting the shutter speed dial and lens ring to the A positions. Moving one of these on or off the A position sets the camera into either shutter- or aperture-priority AE, just like the classic rangefinder cameras. Moving both provides full manual control.

      This isn’t a camera for the technologically-challenged user. Those who are up to the challenge, however, are likely to be well rewarded.

      The camera has six programmable function buttons that can be set to provide quick access to any one of the following controls: advanced filters, AF mode, aperture settings, auto sensitivity control, bracketing, custom settings, depth-of-field preview, dynamic range, face detection, film simulation, focus frame selection, image size, image quality, RAW/JPEG toggling, self-timer and wireless options. Accessing some settings requires other controls to be set in specific ways.



      Build 9.0
      Ease of use 8.5
      Autofocusing 8.3
      Still image quality JPEG 9.0
      Still image quality RAW 9.0
      Video quality 8.5
      OVERALL 8.8