Sony SLT-A99

9 Rating

Sony’s new flagship brings Translucent Mirror Technology to a ‘full frame’ camera, along with a new 24.3 MP sensor, hybrid autofocusing and Full HD movie recording.

Nikon D800

9 Rating

Nikon’s 36-megapixel FX format DSLR provides benefits for many stills photographers plus very impressive video recording capabilities.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

9.5 Rating

The long-awaited replacement for the EOS 5D offers higher resolution plus Full HD video capture.Serious photo enthusiasts have been well catered for in the latest releases from Canon, Nikon and Sony but Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II is probably the most eagerly-awaited of the new models, largely because its predecessor was so successful. Interestingly, the body design of the new model has changed very little from the original 5D. This will please many users, since most controls are in familiar locations and the general look and feel of the new camera is essentially unchanged.

Nikon D3X

9 Rating

A professional DSLR that rivals medium format cameras in imaging performance. When Nikon unveiled its new D3X DSLR camera on 1 December, it was to mixed reactions. Launched as a successor to the popular Nikon D3, which was released in November 2007, it offers roughly double the resolution of the D3 (and the D700, which uses the same sensor). However, when its price tag was revealed a couple of weeks later, many reviewers were less than impressed. The reason: the D3X is in many respects identical to its sibling, but you’re paying a high price for all those extra pixels.


Canon’s latest professional DSLR flagship provides functionality and performance to meet most photographers’ requirements.Photo Review was given a hands-on preview of Canon’s latest pro-camera, the oddly-named EOS-1D X, just under a week before it was due to be announced worldwide. As a result we are able to present a ‘first look ‘ at a powerful and versatile full-frame DSLR that combines impressive high-speed shooting with a wide range of functions to help photographers obtain excellent image quality in almost any situation.


A fast professional DLSR for photojournalists and sports and wildlife photographers that also offers Full HD video recording.Canon’s EOS ID Mark IV replaces the popular Mark III model at the top of the company’s ‘APS-H’ format professional DSLR line-up, adding Full HD video capture, higher resolution, a new image processor and an improved AF system to the features of the previous model. Like its predecessor, the Mark IV isn’t just for press and sports photographers; it has a much wider appeal and almost all photographers should find something desirable in the new camera.