Pentax K-S2

8.6 Rating

A weather-resistant, entry-level DSLR camera with high resolution, built-in stabilisation, 100% viewfinder coverage and modern connectivity.

Nikon D3300

8.8 Rating

Nikon’s latest entry-level DSLR has the company’s newest image processor, which supports faster burst speeds, higher sensitivity and improved movie modes.

Canon EOS 100D

Canon’s EOS 100D has created a lot of interest since it was announced on 21 March. We published a detailed ‘First Look’ at the key features of the EOS 100D on the day of the announcement but were unable to conduct any performance tests. Having received a production-standard camera, we are now able to apply our full suite of tests and report upon them in this review.

Canon EOS 700D

Announced in mid-March, the EOS 700D replaces the EOS 650D and is positioned at the top of Canon’s entry-level DSLR line-up, beside its lightweight sibling, the EOS 100D, which shares the same image sensor and processor. It’s a relatively minor update to an already successful model so it’s no surprise to find the image sensor and processor chips haven’t changed, which means the same image quality should be delivered.

Nikon D3200

8.8 Rating

Nikon’s latest entry-level DSLR adds support for Full HD movie recording, optional Wi-Fi connectivity and provides higher sensor and monitor resolution.