BenQ SW2700PT monitor

8.8 Rating

A competitively-priced monitor with high pixel density, selectable colour modes, adjustable brightness levels, multiple inputs and outputs and support for hardware calibration.

Eizo CG2730

9.1 Rating

Eizo’s latest professional-quality monitor features a built-in self calibration sensor to allow hassle-free colour management for consistent colour and tonal reproduction.

Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch

8.8 Rating

A desktop pen and touch display that provides high-level precision for editing images and creating graphic design projects and is compatible with industry-standard software.

Eizo ColorEdge CS240

9 Rating

The new entry-level model in Eizo’s premier line-up reproduces at least 99% of the Adobe RGB colour space and comes with ColorNavigator 6 calibration software.